martes, marzo 21, 2017

Aprés After Lehigh V Span

Aprés After Lehigh V Span. 2017
Acrílico sobre MDF 12 mm - Acrylic on 12 mm MDF panel, 95 X 122 cm
Colección privada, Santa Marta

"Aprés After Lehigh V Span" is what I came up with for renaming the renewed version. The image has tilted clock-wise and gave birth to a warmer palette of color accents, the calligraphic sign has broken into pieces, each one of those has lost its boundaries and adopted shapes that resemble... nothing. The final result (if there is ever any final result...) is as pointless as it should be, not because I deliberately decided it to be meaningless but because is just that, a visual experiment: a free association of wisdom through reason and intuition; tradition and illusion.

Juan R Correa, Bucaramanga, 1958

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